We put the Personal  into Computing
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PC Resources has been in business since 1994. Throughout its history, PC Resources has consistently strived to stay small so that it could provide a big commitment to its select clients. We view ourselves as partners with our clients and devote all our energies to help them reach their goals.
Your Bottom Line Is Our Top Priority
Software development is complicated and expensive. But there is no need for it to also be aggravating and unpredictable. We built our business by serving a few clients well. And that's how we intend to continue. Which is why we make this unequivocal guarantee: We will never commit to what we cannot deliver and will deliver everything to which we commit. On time and on budget!
Know The People Who Know Your Business
For organizations involved in health care, education, or social welfare, PC Resouces provides an unusual combination of software expertise and industry knowledge. Our software solutions are informed by the realities of your world, not the special interests of those who speak for ours.

Technical Support That Truly Supports
Many firms can get you up and running. But few stay around to keep you from stumbling. At PC Resources, support is part of the solution. Because no matter how perfectly designed and extensively tested, the integration of software applications and business processess is an iterative endeavor. From implementation and training through rollout and maintenance, PC Resources is a resource you can count on... every step of the way!
What's Hot Leaves Us Cold
Whether creating in the kitchen or the computer lab, the ingredients you exclude are as important as those you include. That's why we appraise new technologies to eliminate the many that won't help you as much as to discover the few that will. Our solutions don't scream 'whiz-bang.' They hum along quietly, simplifying your work instead of complicating your life.